KB927917 IE 报错 解决方法

在 body 标签内调用 append 方式给 body 增加一个节点,如果此时 body 未加载完,也就是 body 标签还未关闭,IE 将报错:KB927917。

页面错误提示:Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed.





  1. Moving your script execution to a function that is invoked after parsing is complete (e.g., onload)
  2. Adding the defer boolean attribute to the script block (this defers execution of the script content until parsing is complete)
  3. Limiting your tree modifications to the script-element’s immediate parent
  4. Moving the location of your script block to a child of the body (this usually solves most problems, while allowing the most flexibility in terms of scenarios).

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